In 2019, I partnered with Nvolve Technologies to develop a high concept pre-fab housing product. The exact spaces and materials are onfigured online, after which components are built in a controlled factory environment, transported to site, and assembled in less than 3 weeks by a crew of 3 people.

All of the required components and parts needed to assemble a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home will fit on 3 semi-trailer trucks. This process is called 333 – 3 trucks, 3 people, 3 weeks. It is this ease of mobility and transportation that allows homes to be delivered to any part of the country for any variety of needs.

Installation doesn’t require the traditional set of construction sklils, and is closer to assembly of high-end furniture. With the majority of components being manufactured off-site, the need for subcontractors is at a bare minimum. All products are pre-inspected in the Configuration Center to meet the code standards of the destination city and state or province. This allows the assembly of a finished home in 3 weeks – or less.


Proposal: 2019

Location: Texas, USA

© Nico van Loggerenberg, © Nvolve Technologies

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