Myriad Formation

By Marco Cianfanelli

“The title of the sculpture suggests infinite possibility; brilliance, emergent growth and the complex strategic play inherent in the game of football. Informed by the youth development work of Atlanta United FC, Myriad Formation expresses development, maturation and evolution in the extension of incrementally transforming figures through space. Arching along the site, is an array of 26 angled steel plates, each with perforations of singular or multiple silhouettes of soccer players, ranging in age and skill level.


Each figure represents a stage in the evolution of the individual player as well as the team,
from youthful novice to mature professional. From specific vantage points, the discreet clarity of the images become apparent, framed by their surrounding steel construction. From other angles the dynamic sculptural quality of the steel construction is evident in the orchestration of diverse elements to form a united whole, Myriad Formation speaks to the incubation of skilled youth and a commitment to their evolution. The arrangement of the panels in plan is suggestive of the swooping strike of the football. The polished steel creates complex compounded reflections of the sculpture, as well as the immediate¬† surroundings, contextualizing the Training Facility as the source of development and growth, evolution and progress as well as community, camaraderie and team work.”


Completed: 2017

Location: Atlanta United Football Club, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

© Marco Cianfanelli

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