‘Matter’ is a suspended sculpture inspired by the dendritic forms of our neural system, referencing the sensory and cognitive networks that exist within ourselves, and the various forms of social networks that we exist within. It is pigmented with coal powder, symbolising our shared origin, our connectedness to each other and the environment.


‘Matter’ is also a collective portrait, represented by the 7000 steel figures that populate the nodes. Their composition and scales explore ideas of proximity, engagement and interaction, roles and responsibilities within the corporate environment. This portraiture of many individuals culminates in the gestural image of a primal portrait, visible from the vantage point at the entrance to the atrium.


Mild steel, polyurethane, paint, coal powder pigment, stainless steel.


Completed: 2020

Location: Waterfall, Johannesburg, South Africa

© Marco Cianfanelli

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