Loft Cottage

A small garden cottage designed for a musician and his partner on a long, hilly site in the green Waterkloof suburb of Pretoria.

The central desire was to combine privacy, light and a feeling of space in a very small footprint; while using well-known construction materials in innovative ways. The rear wall forms a solid screen to the existing house, but with perforations for light and air. Protruding bricks in this wall create varied shadow patterns throughout the day and allow creepers ample space to grow, eventually becoming a solid green wall at the bottom of the garden.

The resulting cottage has a flat concrete roof providing cover for a double volume living space, a small kitchen and a mezzanine with sleeping facilities. In addition, it has a shower with floor-to-ceiling glazing open to a miniature Japanese garden, a balcony, and a deck outside for entertaining.

Proposal: 2017

© Nico van Loggerenberg

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