Klaserie Sands

A foreign client, upon visiting this game reserve, fell in love with the Lowveld outside of Hoedspruit, and after purchasing a plot, built a house next to a river. Unfortunately, this house was badly damaged in an unprecedented flood before completion. Unsatisfied with the repaired home, we were invited to propose a renovation, with the aim to improve the ventilation, light quality, and connection with nature of the house, while retaining the current shade, views and privacy.


A series of small moves were proposed which added up to a radically different experience. By changing the approach to the house, the current domination of cars, driveways, and parking was removed, and privacy was increased. A small garden to the north attracts bird-life. The use of grassed berms, just tall enough to prevent casual glances into the house, function aesthetically as framing devices to create defined views.


Additionally, new rooms were proposed on top of the existing structure, functioning like tree-houses, perfect for bird watching, or as bedrooms for extra family members. The existing pool is to be re-purposed as a green or natural pool, and all new construction was to use the abundant and beautiful local mica stone.


Proposal: 2020

Location: Klaserie Private Game Reserve, Limpopo

© Nico van Loggerenberg

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